Tea Party for 4!

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Our daughter loves tea time especially when one of her Grandmas are over, as she knows cake will be on offer and you can always get two pieces of cake when Grandma's around! Whether it’s the ceremony of pouring the tea and slicing the cake, or everyone chitty chatting away, our daughter loves a tea party. So when she got her first tea set, she was on cloud 9.
Here are Violet's top tips for throwing the perfect tea party...
Dress up
Whether it's fancy, whimsical or just plain right outrageous - anything goes. Dressing up adds a little cheer to the occasion, and Violet will always set the stage for the party based on her attire!
The tea set
We started off with a plastic tea set, but this recently got upgraded to a china set courtesy of Grandma and we haven’t looked back. Whilst it may be fragile, Violet LOVES it and it’s certainly taken our tea parties to the next level. Remember your tea set doesn't have to match, having an assortment of cup and saucers that you’ve collected over time will only add to the charm of it all.
Don’t forget to invite your friends
We are very lucky if there’s room for us on the first sitting. This is normally reserved for Sheepy, Dino, Penguin and her ponies, or whatever else has grabbed her attention that day. Play dates are certainly most welcome along with nearly everyone else, except little Oscar ‘he can’t be trusted yet’! 
Let the imagination run wild
Now everyone is in attendance, the fun part can begin; the pouring of the tea and eating the food! Violet will ensure everyone gets their favourite food and a ‘perfect’ cup of tea, after which she will start telling them all about her day and how she came across a dragon who wasn’t very nice, a gruffalo, a castle and many more wonderful things.
Tea parties are always such great fun and they create wonderful memories, which we hope they will cherish in time to come as we do. Each tea party is an adventure only limited by their imagination and sometimes it's quite hilarious. And when we are finally allowed to join, it's great to be a part of her adventure as she is a part of ours.
Do your little ones love throwing tea parties? Share your experiences in the comments section below...

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