Should I buy a quilt for the nursery?

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Should I buy a quilt for the Nursery?
For any first time parent knowing what to get can be tricky, everything is so subjective as what works for one family may not work for another and with so many things to get, it can all get rather overwhelming. A lot of people have asked us whether they should buy a quilt for the nursery or not and it’s a good question, after all we haven’t used a quilt for bedding in the cot yet and if we haven’t used it what’s the point you may say? Well, despite not using the quilt for its traditional purpose this hasn’t stopped us using them on a daily basis and our kids and us love them. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share our favourite use for our quilts and what our friends and family have used there’s for.
Play time!
Tummy time – before our kids were as nimble as they are now, we used to do a lot of tummy time. This is where your baby gets his exercise; to do this you place them on their stomach whilst awake, which allows them to push up on their arms and raise their neck and head, this helps develops their muscles in these areas. This is an important step in development of their motor skills and for future milestone like rolling over and crawling. As you can see its not something that should be missed and so we laid our quilts on the floor and this provided the perfect place to help them practise. Not only is it soft and comfortable for them it also gives you an excellent photo opportunity as you have a beautiful backdrop with which to frame your picture in and share with your friends and family.
Sitting – Once your beyond tummy time and your baby’s graduated to sitting, just place the quilt down where ever you are in your home and let you baby sit and play with some toys. They will love touching the quilt with their hands and playing with all their new toys….Also it help cushions any sudden head dives into the floor!
Forts and Tunnels – Our daughter simply loves building forts and tunnels. Whether she’s hiding form her brother or Gruffalos to dragons her quilt is a staple ingredient for any successful adventure. The great thing for Mum and Dad is it never takes too long to tidy up!
Camping out! – Before your set out on any wild camping adventures, it’s always good to do a little prep work and this is just what our daughter does. The quilt provides an excellent foundation with which to lay her ‘sleeping bag’ on, then commence to place everything she holds dear making sure all her teddy’s are tucked up nicely under their own blankets. Once everyone is settled and comfortable the star show commences, which also double as a turtle night-light and what camping adventure isn’t complete without campfire stories! Happy days and lovely memories.
Movie time – Which parent doesn’t need a little help from the TV every now and then and sometimes more than we care to admit! However, there is nothing nicer than snuggling under your quilt with kids in tow, all cozy and warm and watching a movie together, after all you’ve all earned it.  
Decorative use
Theming a nursery – If you’re stuck for ideas on how to theme your nursery a great place to start is with your cot, cot sheets and a quilt. These can provide great foundations to get your creative juices flowing and really help shape your nursery.
Furniture - A quilt makes an excellent throw over a chair and provides an easy way to help theme your nursery without having to buy a new chair to fit. Depending on the chair it can also make it more comfortable and as any breastfeeding Mum will know, there is a lot of time sat in Chairs!
Wall Décor – A great way to help theme your nursery without having to painstakingly paint a wall is to hang the quilt on the wall. The best part about this is, once your tired of that theme you can just take the quilt down and hang up another one.
Theming rooms as your children grow – A quilt doesn’t have to stop working for you once your baby is no longer in their cot. You can still keep a quilt on your kids big boy / girl bed to help theme the room. You can also guarantee that they will still be using the quilt for all sorts of things, so it would probably best not to put the quilt away just yet!
Using quilts for bedding
Good for cold weather – If your children are in toddler beds or even kids beds a quilt can be a great extra layer in those cold winter nights. Sometimes that little extra weight stops them from kicking off covers too, helping keep you little darlings warm through out the night.
Good for transitioning – Quilts can be an excellent for when your baby is moving from a toddler bed to a big bed with duvet.   The quilt lets them get use to what a duvet will feel like and also helps them learn not to kick it off during the night helping the transition.
Easy to make the bed – A quilt takes a lot less effort to make the bed as oppose to sheets and blankets.
Sentimental value
Keepsakes – Quilts make great keepsakes and whether you decide to keep it for yourself, to help jog all those wonderful memories, or keep it until one day your children have their own kids. Either way it’s lovely to have something that will always be needed and has a little place in your heart.
Quilts are so versatile and if you don’t want to use them for bedding you will find many more uses for them that’s the great thing. There are many quilts on the market and you need to find one that’s the right fit for you. Apart from choosing a design or colour that’s right for you, it’s also worth considering what weight you would want. Would you want a heavyweight quilt or a lightweight quilt and this really comes down to how you think you would use it.
Our personal preference at Violet and Oscar is a lightweight quilt as it gives you a little more flexibility for bedding as its not as warm, so it can compliment existing bedding if the temperature requires it. Also a lightweight quilt will fair better in the wash than a heavyweight, which may lose it shape, but like we said it’s really a personal preference.
We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and have found it useful, if so please do share it with friends or family too. Also please do take a look at our wonderful quilts. Both the shell and fill are made from 100% pure cotton and all them have been intricately hand stitched creating a really beautiful lightweight quilt. You will also be delighted with how the quilt feels, with the surface of the shell having a soothing softness to it making it excellent for snuggling under whilst watching movies, indoor camping or whatever takes your fancy. If you choose to be a little more robust with the quilt don’t worry it will hold its own and will wear well. Either way you will be happy.

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